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We have had this site running for 7 years.  Our backroom server finally Died , We are hoping to get the Free mileage routing site back as soon as possible & Need your Help.  Please visit our Indiegogo page and contribute to get the site live as soon as possible. 

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Only Be charged if Free Routeblast Returns

Routeblast History

7 years ago RouteBlast.com was created as an easy to use tool intended for those in trucking and logistics industry to have a good tool for getting point to point mileage fast and easy.  The intent was to launch RouteBlast as a free tool & then develop additional software for the trucking and freight brokerage industry on a subscription basis.  After the development of the mileage routing app the development of the additional software tools fizzled and never happened, the software business didn't happen and the folks involved moved onto other business.

  For the past 7 years RouteBlast has quietly run on a backroom server  and we have continued to keep it live as a free service.  This past week that backroom server finally died and that is why the site has been down

We have never collected payment for use of the site or ran any form of advertising, we can see from analytics that it is used by thousands of users weekly to run point to point miles between thousands of locations.

If you are not a current user of the site, here is a review that was done shortly after launch http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/routebalst-calculating-mileage-cities-easy/


What We Need & What You Get

We would like to get the site live again on another server and remain on a FREE service .  Since the software was created 7 years ago and the server was not updated w/ current updates it is going to take some additional work to migrate to a new server.

  • We are hoping to raise $2500 which will allow us to hire a coder to handle the migration including updating the code for current standards
  • Raising $2500 will allow us to pay up front for a full year on a server, by using a hosted server we will be keeping up with current updates, etc.
  • The money will be used for server hosting cost, and migration cost of hiring a coder.
  • If any extra money is collected we may use that to make feature improvements, this is your chance to provide feedback and request features and possibly bring the business plan back to life.


If your business relies on the site, this is your opportunity to keep it live.  

This is a fixed funding campaign , if we don't reach the goal and the site doesn't go back live, you get your funds back 


Keep Routeblast.com Online

If the funding goal isn't met the site will likely not be brought back online, leaving the current users to finding a new solution

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